Fundraising in the Middle of a Pandemic

Dear Glenview Family,

We are writing to you in the midst of this incredibly unstable time with the most constant of all things…fundraising! Because our Glenview school community relies heavily on the generosity of our families to supplement what we receive from the district, we still have the responsibility, even in this extremely difficult time, to move forward in a respectful way with our fundraising plans for the 2020/2021 school year.

We understand…

  • you may be unable to give at the same level as usual
  • you may not be able to give at all

The Glenview PTA will spend $700 per student this year. To achieve this, we will hold two primary fundraisers and dip into our reserves. This Griffin Fund request is the only time we ask for a straight donation to the school. We generally hope to raise around 75% of our goal through the Griffin Fund and the remaining through the Annual Read-A-Thon, as well as other smaller scale fundraisers.

Please donate…

  • $550 per student (our traditional ask)
  • $750 to $1000 per student (help fill the gaps)
  • Any other amount that makes sense to you (pandemic real talk)

We care about each and every family in our community, and the money we raise supports every child. Many families are shocked when they find out just how much of what Glenview offers is funded through the PTA and not OUSD.

Some of what your donations pay for…

  • Glenview’s Science program A portion of teacher Classroom Supplies
  • The School Library, and Reading and Math Intervention Support Staff
  • Music teachers, PE instructor, and Classroom Aides Black History Month, Family Pride, and Disability Awareness programs and events
  • Two counselors *new interns this year*

This pandemic has impacted each family in many ways, and we recognize that many in our community aren’t able to work, or have unplanned-for expenses. Donations of any amount are appreciated. If you have the capacity, please give as generously as you can. You may use the enclosed envelope to mail a check to Glenview Elementary PTA or donate online:

If you have any questions, or can do a company match, please email

Our sincere thanks,

Claire Blaney & Rita Lindahl-Lynch
Fundraising Co-Chairs
Glenview Elementary PTA
4215 La Cresta Ave, Oakland, CA 94602
(510) 531-6677

Tax ID# 94-6172195