Sign Up to Volunteer

You can find a lot of information about Glenview committees on Konstella and the website. If you're interested in volunteering but don't know how to get started, please fill out this form to log your interest. Someone will be in touch.


Other Volunteering Info

Although there are no formal requirements for being on a parent committee, there are certain OUSD and other requirements regarding volunteering.

Reporting Volunteer Hours

For the Glenview PTA to maintain its non-profit status, all of your volunteer hours need to be accounted for. Please record the hours you spend helping out the school. This includes attending meetings, writing emails, making phone calls, photocopying, chaperoning fieldtrips, working or shopping for an event, and much more. You'll be asked to document your volunteer hours at the end of the year.

Field Trip Drivers

If you are interested in serving as a driver on your child's field trips during the school year, you must provide the office with your automobile insurance information and follow California law regarding seat belt and car seat requirements for children. Specifically, each child must wear a seat belt and children 8 years old and under or 80 pounds and under must use a child safety seat. Insurance requirement are full coverage or $100,000/$300,000. Drivers who do not have this level of coverage are not able to drive on trips. No fingerprints are required for a one-day field trip that is not overnight.


Please remember to sign-in/out when you come to school. This may include a COVID screening. For obvious safety reasons, every adult who enters the school building will need to wear a volunteer badge (see next section).

Additional OUSD Guidelines

Due to COVID restrictions, we can only have pre-arranged volunteer parents on campus. Our volunteers need to register and be screened with our partners at Oakland Education Fund.