Griffin Fund

Our school is funded in two ways, by the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) and by the Griffin Fund. This year’s Griffin Fund campaign runs September 19 to October 7, 2022, and we are asking Glenview families to contribute, if you can, to make up the difference between what OUSD funds and what our PTA budgets for our school. We encourage you to contribute what you are able, but the suggested donation amount is $525 per child. No matter what you can give, donations of any amount are appreciated. We care about each and every family in our community, and the money we raise supports every Glenview student.

Specifically, your contribution will support classroom supplies, music education, PE and garden programs, kindergarten support, subsidized field trips, and more. Seventy-three percent of the PTA budget goes toward academic support in the classroom.

If you have the capacity, please give as generously as you can. You can donate three ways:

The deadline to donate for the 2022 Griffin Fund is October 7. Please contact with any questions. (However, you may donate at any time throughout the year through this link:

NOTE: Many companies have a matching donation program. Please check with your company and let us know if you have any questions setting that up. All donations are tax-deductible.