Academics & Enrichment

Glenview is one of the most diverse elementary schools in all of California, and we believe this diversity is what makes us special. It provides an incredible strength and an opportunity for our students to learn while becoming citizens in a global community.

We are proud to have had huge growth on our annual state test scores in both language arts and math in the past few years. State test scores are only one measure of a child’s educational experience, and we are fortunate to partner with our PTA to provide enrichment classes such as music, makerspace, garden, and PE.

We integrate technology into every classroom, where our students work with a variety of educational programs on tablets and computers. (You can help your child learn at home with the resources listed below.)

We work to help our students develop strong social-emotional skills to interact with others and communicate how they are feeling in effective ways through our Toolbox and other social-emotional programs, an important focus during the elementary-school years.

With our involved community and committed staff, Glenview is a special place to learn and grow!

Technology Resources




Cyber Safety  & Digital Citizenship



Grade-Level Reading Resources

Here are some websites that list books by their reading level. They can be used to help choose “just right” books for your child. You can also search the Internet for “leveled book lists” or even try searching for your child’s specific level.