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To communicate with each other and within classes, Glenview parents use Konstella, a free, secure, and private parent communications platform for schools, paid for by the PTA. This user-friendly system offers a website, iPhone, and Android apps and includes the following:

  • PTA and school-wide announcements
  • Classroom updates
  • Calendar of Glenview events
  • Event reminders (syncs to calendar)
  • Volunteer sign-up opportunities
  • Private messaging to each other
  • Searchable directory of entire school
  • Social groups and committees
  • File and photo sharing
  • Translated communication in multiple languages

If you have accepted your spot at Glenview but haven’t received an invitation to join Konstella, please email glenviewcommunications@gmail.comFollow the registration link in that invitation and enter your information. You will be prompted to create a password as well as add your child. Be sure to add all your children at Glenview. In August you’ll have a chance to connect each child to the correct classrooms.

IMPORTANT: Once you’ve registered for Konstella, we recommend that you set up your notification preferences. This allows you to control how you receive Konstella communications and how often. You will also be able to set up your privacy preferences. You’ll find this under “Account Settings.”

The Konstella smartphone apps allows you to sync Glenview’s calendar with your Google, iPhone, or other online calendars. This way, you will not miss any school-wide or classroom events. Note: The app does not have all the features that the website does, so we recommend visiting to explore the tool. Konstella streamlines and centralizes communication to create a great experience for everyone in our Glenview community. Please take the time to explore the website, set your notification preferences, and join our community!

Konstella Code of Conduct

Konstella is a tool funded by the PTA to enable parents and caregivers to communicate about our school and our kids. We strive for a self-moderated environment, where we put our kids first and role model behaviors we expect of them. All adults on Konstella are asked to follow the 4 Be’s our children use at school: 

  • Be Safe
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Kind


To ensure a welcoming environment for all, the following are not allowed on Konstella, and may lead to a post being removed:

  • Slurs / name calling
  • Threats
  • Attempts to embarrass or humiliate others
  • Revealing personal information about others
  • Explicit material or language
  • Using the platform for spam marketing
  • Using the platform to campaign for political candidates or ideologies

If you see a post that violates these rules, please notify the Glenview Help account on Konstella or email Posts will be removed while under review, and school administration will be consulted. Repeated disregard for these rules may lead to Konstella accounts being suspended or deleted. 

We’re Here to Help

If you’d like to post something but aren’t sure if it fits within the rules, please reach out to PTA Communications on Konstella or email, and we’ll gladly work with you to get your message out.