Dress Code

There is no uniform required at Glenview. After many years of a uniform policy, the staff and parent community came to realize that the requirements resulted in the exact inequities it was meant to prevent. As  learning is our highest priority, we do have a basic dress code while students are on campus to help them focus on learning and to minimize distractions. (These guidelines do not apply to distance learning.)

Glenview’s school colors and blue and gold, and Glenview T-shirts and hoodies are encouraged! You can purchase Glenview merchandise by contacting glenviewgear@gmail.com.

Basic Guidelines When On Campus:

  • We have PE and/or recess every day, so students must wear shoes that are safe for outside play. Therefore, students should wear closed-toed shoes and may not wear flip-flops, shoes that light up, heels, “heelies,” shoes with wheels, or shoes that will not stay on when running and playing.
  • Hats and hoods should be removed upon entering the school buildings.
  • All clothing should be appropriate for a learning environment.