Picture Day Schedule

The following is the schedule for school photos. Please note that picture day is a free dress day!

Monday, October 1st: Ms. Rubin (TK) -Ms. Plambeck (5th) – Ms. Wong (2nd)

Tuesday, October 2nd: Ms. Sandel (K) – Ms. Schenker (4th) – Ms. Sullivan (2nd)

Wednesday, Oct. 3rd: Ms. Shreve (K) – Mr. Litt (4th/5th) – Ms. Fowlkes (2nd)

Thursday, Oct. 4th: Mr. Granda (K) – Mr. Takimoto (4th) – Ms. Anderson (3rd)

Friday, October 5th: Mr. Alexander (1st) – Ms. Amsterdam (5th) – Ms. Smith (3rd)

Monday, October 8th: Mr. Witte (1st) – Mr. Ross (1st) – Mr. Miller (3rd)

Tuesday, October 9th: SDC-DHH – Student Make Up Photos – Staff Photos