Halloween Parade: 10/31 at 12:45pm

Glenview families:

You are invited to Glenview’s Halloween Parade Wednesday, Oct. 31st  @ 12:45. Students will walk around the block with their class, and we welcome families to line the sidewalks and wave and cheer for the kids. Mr. Miller leads out the front door, then classes follow in order of age. We go left towards Adeline and around the block—coming back in the gate by Room 20 on 53rd St near Market.

Guidelines for students:

  • Students in grades 1-5 are not permitted to wear their costume to school.  Rather, they can bring a costume and change at school before the parade.
  • TK-K students are permitted to wear their costume to school.
  • No full-face masks should be worn during the parade.
  • Students are not allowed to bring any costume accessories to school that could be perceived as scary for our younger students or unsafe, this includes: horror character costumes, full face masks, swords, knives, guns, fake blood, etc.  If they do so, the item or costume will be held by the teacher for the parent to pick up.

Reminders re: Soda, Candy and Sweets

There is no soda, candy or gum allowed at Glenview. This rule includes before, during or after Halloween. Please refrain from sending candy to school with your child in their lunch or for parties. Children will have PLENTY of candy at home and do not need additional sweets at school.  Your child’s teacher will let you know if they are planning a party for the class and what sorts of healthy food options families can bring in.