Good-bye Big Tent, Hello Konstella!

During the week of January 14, you will get an email invitation from your room parent to join Konstella, our new communication tool at Glenview. It will replace all the different tools we use, including BigTent, various spreadsheets, sign-up apps, and more. Konstella allows parents to message their entire class or individual parents, contains all the sign-up sheets created for your classroom or school-wide, and allows you to join committees and social groups. It also contains a calendar and reminder functions.

Step 1: When you receive your invitation, click Join in the email. Then follow the directions to register your children to their classrooms.

Step 2: Set your notification settings so they are customized for you. (After registering, click your account name in the top-left, click Account Settings, go to the Notifications tab, make your choices, and finally click Save.)

Optional: If you want to receive text notifications, you can download the app to your Android or iPhone device.

If you need help, there are many help options in the coming weeks, including a Konstella Questions group under Social Group. You can also email your room parent with questions. To get hands-on help, you are invited to the 1/16 PTA meeting at Edna Brewer Middle School at 6pm. Additionally, there will be a help session at the 2/1 Parent Coffee at school.

Finally, a note: We are rolling this out mid-year because BigTent has been shut down. Please be patient as we make the switch from email and multiple tools to this all-encompassing communication platform. We are excited about all the possibilities that it offers, but it will take some time to fine-tune it.

–The Glenview PTA