Get Ready for the Halloween Carnival!

The Halloween Carnival is on Saturday, October 27, from 1pm to 4pm. Please read the following message from our fearless haunted house leaders and sign up to help!

To fellow fans of Halloween and our Haunted House:

Well, the feverish planning is now mostly complete. Now we need to get the plan into action, and we need your help! While the Dad’s might have helped plan it, we need and want the help from the whole school community. We are all more creative and able to help together.

Please see if you can find time to help out by volunteering or sharing this information with someone else in the school community who can help to get this wonderful and exciting idea brought to life for the kids.

Also remember, this information is intended for the adults only. The kids will get to explore and might help out along the way, but we don’t want to share every detail with them.

Two items are being shared:
1) Theme/build info. Sign-up for volunteers and actors (see the tabs – yellow tabs need your input):

2) Layout draft of the stage:

Please find a time or times when you can help out If you can’t be there prior to help build but can help day of event (10/27), that’s great too.

Information about volunteering for the carnival portion of the event will be coming out soon, so if these dates or times don’t work for you, but 10/27 is a time you can be here to enjoy and help out, then there will be plenty of help needed. Look for information via BigTent, Grapevine, or your room parent about the many other volunteer opportunities likely starting the week of October 8.

It’s through all of our energy and volunteering that will make this happen and be remembered by our kids and community. Thanks for all you do and we look forward to seeing this come to life!

Brian, Lon, and James
Haunted House Leads
Glenview Dad’s Club