Yari Ojeda Sandel

My goal is to know at least 100 leaders who passed through my classroom and are working to make our world better by the time I am 100 years old. I have no doubt that the people who grow up to become our greatest leaders and peacemakers will come from classrooms with passionate, talented, and loving educators.

In my classroom, caring relationships make the biggest difference in learning and life outcomes.

My background is in Peace and Conflict Studies, Education, and Reading Intervention. I worked as a Restorative Practices facilitator from elementary to high school for 6 years before I realized I wanted to work with students entering school for the first time. Now, I am in my sixth year teaching kindergarten and I am endlessly passionate about preparing our young people with the mindset and skills necessary to resiliently navigate a life of learning in order to become innovators for a better world.

Meaningful education requires more than following prescribed curriculum day by day. I believe meaningful education requires 1) a well-rounded and caring guide and mentor equipped with research driven knowledge and best practices, 2) a high structured, well-resourced, modular space where learning content is modern, relevant, and driven by social needs and student interests, and 3) a culture of authentic, creative partnership where every person is valued, equity is prioritized, and learning visibly transforms the environment.