Marcelo Granda

Mr. Granda has been teaching since 2012 and enjoys the diversity that Glenview offers. Mr. Granda attended college at Escuelo Politenica in Quito, Ecuador, and Cal State Monterey and has studied computer science, fine arts, and pedagogy. Mr. Granda started as a translator and then a teacher's aide before becoming a full-time teacher. He is very grateful for Glenview administration in believing in him and giving him a chance to grow.

Mr. Granda loves art, playing guitar, singing and dancing. If you stop by his classroom, you will see that he shares these passions with his students on a daily basis! 

While not teaching the little ones, Mr. Granda enjoys gardening, making art, cooking, singing, dancing, hiking, camping, having parties, watching movies and reading. He also dreams of traveling to India, Tibet, Turkey, and Greece one day!

Marcel Granda