Cafeteria and Food FAQs

Breakfast is served free of charge every morning between 8:15 and 8:30.

Lunch is served every day. TK, K and 1st eat at 11:55, 2nd & 3rd east at 12:25, and 4th and 5th east at 12:55.

Depending on the Lunch form families filled out, students are charged for lunch– some are free, some are at a reduced rate of  $0.40 and full price is $2.75

When students take a school lunch they tell Ms. Dee and she scans a barcode with their name. This debit goes to their account. Some families prepay, others receive a notice that they owe money. Students can also pay cash.

The policy is that students must take at least 2 of the 5 items available. They are charged the whole amount regardless of how many items they take.

Milk or fruit are the only items that may be purchased separately. They are either free, $0.25, or $0.80.

Students can pay for meals in the cafeteria with cash or check.

Families can also pay online by signing up for a free account at

  • It’s simple, secure & free
  • Receive low balance alerts
  • Make meal payments on the go

If you have a smartphone, you can download the MySchoolBucks Mobile App:

Click here for iOS (iPhone)

Click here for Android

More information on this can be found on the OUSD website

Best practices for families:

Sometimes the school lunch looks delicious and kids want to eat that instead of the lunch they brought from home. Families need to have conversations with their kids about guidelines for when it is okay to have school lunch. Students need to understand they will be charged the full amount even if they only take 2 items. The only a la cart items available are milk or fruit.

At the request of several parents, when Ms. Dee knows that students have brought lunch from home, she encourages them to eat that first before getting school lunch. This sometimes get interpreted by kids as her saying they can’t have school lunch. Please let your children know that of course they can have school lunch, but Ms. Dee wants to make sure that kids eat the healthy food their families pack for them.

For questions about the meals or charges for meals, please contact the staff at Glenview through one of the following means:
Drop in to discuss your situation with Ms Dee. She is usually on campus from 8-1:30pm M-F. Otherwise, call the office at 510-531-6677 or send an email to Ms Dee ( or Ms Karen Bullocks ( to get your question or concern addressed.