After-School Enrichment Program Registration Is Now Open

We hope you received the information packet yesterday in your child's homework folder. If not, there are extra copies at the office, or you can click the link below and there are descriptions of the classes on the registration page.

How to book classes :

  1. Visit

  2. While viewing classes, you can filter by grade or day of the week at the top

  3. To learn more about a program, click “See Details” which will provide you with more information on the course and the company leading it

  4. When you’re ready to book, click “add” and you’ll notice the course turn teal and a number pop up in your cart (upper right hand corner)

  5. Note: You can add all your classes and students at once and will be asked to assign classes to specific students once you checkout

  6. Once you’re doing selecting classes, click your cart button (upper right hand corner) and you’ll be prompted to review your selections

  7. Next, you can either create an account or login if you have already done so

  8. Once you’re logged in, you’ll then assign students to each class as well as their dismissal for that day

  9. Once all information has been added, you’ll finalize your purchase by adding in your credit card (note: if you are a scholarship student, you will be provided a code to book the class at zero cost)

  10. Lastly, once all classes have been booked, you’ll be able to see the course details in your Homeroom account and you’ll also receive an automatic email confirmation

  11. If you ever have any questions or need to support, feel free to use the chat box in the lower right hand corner on the site.

ASEP Scholarship Information