4th Annual Glenview Family Camp Out Details

Let’s do it again!!!! The info below should answer most of your questions; if not, please contact, Karen Baughman, Emma Baldwin’s mom, at  glenviewcommunications@gmail.com


The cost will be $10/family to cover site rental and parking. Please pay when you sign up.

You will be getting a hard copy in your child’s homework folder the first week of school and can return the information to Karen Baughman c/o Emma Baldwin in Mr. Litt’s class or you can email me your information. Please also see the Konstella email regarding sign up information.


We have the campsite from 2pm Saturday, September 7th to noon on Sunday, September 8th. The facilities include a drinking fountain (where you can also wash dishes), 3 double grills, a firepit/amphitheater, 6 chemical toilets (no showers), a serving table and picnic tables. There’s a LARGE field for setting up tents. There’s a gate secured with a combination lock that leads down to the campsite and the camping parking lot. I will send out the combination the week of the trip, once I get it from the park service.


The camping area has a small circular driveway where you can unload your gear. Cars must be moved to the parking lot after unloading. The rangers enforce no overnight parking in the unloading area. There’s a short trail from the parking area to the campground.


To get to Bort Meadows, take Redwood Road up to Skyline, then down toward Castro Valley – 25 minutes from Glenview. The Bort Meadows Staging area gate is on the right side of the road, 2 or so miles beyond the intersection of Redwood and Pinehurst. The gate needs to be locked at all times, so it will be very important to have the combination and to lock the gate behind you. Once you go through the gate, follow the road to the Y. From the Y, the campground and unloading area is on the right and the parking lot is on the left.


No amplified music. No entry after 10pm. We have a permit for beer and wine.


We will be sharing meal preparation: each family is responsible for bringing and cooking either a dinner item or a breakfast item. Snacks will be on your own.

  • A cooking captain for each meal will contact you two weeks before the trip to collaborate on the food.
  • Plan to bring cooking and serving utensils for your item.


  • Clothes and jammies, including warm clothes and a jacket or sweatshirt
  • Rain jacket
  • Long pants for the kids since the grass can be itchy
  • Plates, cups, and utensils for your family
  • Water bottles
  • Your potluck item with serving utensil
  • Snacks
  • Sleeping bags or sheets/blankets
  • Sleeping pads or air mattress and pump
  • Pillows and/or stuffed animals
  • Tent
  • Flashlights
  • Sunscreen and/or sun hats
  • Personal toiletry items


  • Beer or wine for your family
  • Camping chair
  • Headlamp and/or camping lantern
  • Ball/frisbee/kite/stomp rockets/bubbles
  • Bug spray
  • Camping soap and scrubber, paper towels
  • Musical instruments
  • Marshmallow skewers ·
  • Hair ties to keep long hair out of the marshmallows
  • Camera
  • Children’s Tylenol/Advil
  • Tecnu (for poison oak)
  • Afterbite/cortisone cream in case of mosquitoes
  • Rainboots if your kid complains about wet grass/feet in the morning
  • Toilet paper (it’s stocked, but wouldn’t it suck if we ran out?)
  • Diapers and wipes if needed, baby food for infants



Please share with your child.

  • No playing near the fire. REALLY.
  • There is poison oak on the trails at Bort Meadow. Please help your child identify and avoid poison oak. Ask if you are not sure.
  • Tents are fragile. Do not swing on the poles or bounce off the walls.
  • No shoes or eating in other people’s tents.
  • Check for ticks when you get home. Ticks burrow in warm spots – backs of knees, ears, neck, armpits, groin, scalp.


Saturday Sunday
Arrival between 2-5:00pm Start cooking breakfast: 7:15
Appetizers: 4:00 ADULT KICKBALL?? Breakfast is served: 8:00
Start the coals for Saturday dinner: 4:15 Optional Hike 9:00
Dinner prep for those bringing a dinner item 4:30-5:30 Cleanup and tent take down
Dinner served: 5:30 Last car out by noon
Start fire in fire ring: 6:45 (depending on any restrictions)  
Songs and s’mores at 7pm up at the fire ring  
Suggested kid bedtime: 8:30 with adult time by the fire (depending on fire restrictions) to follow