Lorna Rayos

Lorna Rayos is excited to be teaching art at Glenview after a mid-career change serving a one-year mission and teaching English and piano in Ecuador. She feels lucky to be at Glenview, where the diverse and culturally abundant environment is like oxygen to her.

A Filipina-American born in San Francisco, Ms. Rayos was raised in Sonoma County. She's been expressing herself through her art all her life, starting at age 7. She has a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science from Sonoma State University and an associate's degree in Athletic Training from Santa Rosa Junior College. Besides art, she has taught hip-hop, step, bootcamp, swimming, and water aerobics at various gyms plus children's dance studio classes.

Her interests outside of work include spiritual learning, playing piano, singing, hiking, creating any and all art (visual and performing), cooking, learning languages, and travel.

Her favorite artists are her friends. She loves owning art made by someone she knows. She says, "I want the children to be fully self-expressed and free to create whatever comes to their mind within the lessons. I love the teachings of Julia Cameron. I've learned from her that we just need to create. Don't judge it, just do it."