PTA Board Members

The Glenview Elementary parent community elects board members for two-year terms and meets monthly during the school year on the first Wednesday of the month. All parents and teachers are welcome to attend board meetings.

The parent board members for the 2020-21 school year are as follows:

President: Jennifer Mahan,
Executive VP: Kathy Hales
VP of Communications: Karen Baughman,
VP of Hospitality and Childcare: Roberta Masliyah
VP of Equity & Inclusion: Sally Steele
Secretary: Kim Wimpsett
Treasurer: Alan Hepple,
Financial Secretary: Erin McNerney,
Parliamentarian: Maureen Whalen
Historian/Volunteer Coordinator: Jill Toure
Auditor: June Divizich
Membership Co-Chair: Andie Atwood
Membership Co-Chair: Meredith Isakson
C0-VP of Kinder Recruitment, Lisa Jackson
Co-VP of Kinder Recruitment, Nicole Rosario
Fundraising C0-Chair (Griffin Fund): Claire Blaney
Fundraising Co-Chair (Readathon): Rita Lindahl Lynch