After-School Care

Glenview has a variety of after-care options available to families. We have two after-school care programs on-site at Glenview and several programs that offer pick up at our school. Additionally, we offer fee-based after-school enrichment classes to any of our students after school.

At Glenview: Full-Time After Care

There are two on-site options for after care: Learning Spot and Adventure Time.

Learning Spot: The Learning Spot's Afterschool Program offers a variety of opportunities for youth development such as: leadership, youth mentor - where many of our students return after leaving Glenview and return in our Youth Mentorship Program (YMP) which was designed 3 years ago to serve our middle school youth. We have talent shows and all other sorts of youth designed events. The program fees are based on income and family size and we are not a drop in. The Learning Spot operates 5 days a week, from the time school is out until 6pm. Students are required to attend until 6pm, not unless there's special circumstances, because we are funded by attendance. This program offers after care only. The Learning Spot's motto is: "A place where students do not want to go home."
Contact: 510.597.4983
On-Site Coordinator: Sadiqa Williams

Adventure Time: Adventure Time is an after-school daycare program and provides activities for children in the areas of arts, crafts, sports, games, music, dance, drama, cooking, and help with homework. Activities are centered around bi-weekly themes. Children also have the opportunity for relaxation and quiet activities after being in school all day. We have a daily schedule which allows for spontaneity and the varying individual needs of the children.
Contact 510.658.7412
On-site Coordinator: Teresa Seabrook

Off-Site: Full-Time After Care 

These programs pick up at Glenview and transport your child to their facility:

  • Studio One
  • Dimond Rec Center
  • Lakeshore Children's Center
  • Jewish Community Center

At Glenview: After-School Enrichment Program (ASEP)

The After-School Enrichment Program offers one-hour sessions covering various interests from lego, yoga, drawing, to origami! Check out the ASEP page.