Why Are Parents for Construction??

Glenview has been considered for renovation for some time. in fact, amongst all OUSD school sites, Glenview was ranked as the 9th most in need of renovation when the previous bond measure was passed in November 2006.

  • California’s Department of General Services, Division of the State Architect includes Glenview on AB300, a list of buildings that do not meet current seismic safety standards. More information about AB300 and its classifications can be found here: http://www.dgs.ca.gov/dsa/aboutus/ ab300.aspx

  • A seismic engineer’s report commissioned by Glenview PTA showed that Glenview’s portables were unsafe. http://www.ousd.k12.ca.us/ Page/11253

  • Glenview families have lobbied for reconstruction of the campus for years in order to make the building safer and to create more usable space for student enrichment. Parents gathered more than 100 signatures and pushed for change. After much negotiation, OUSD agreed to replace the current structure with a new building, contingent upon passage of a Bond Measure, which occurred in November 2012 when Oakland voters adopted Measure j. 

When is the Glenview projected scheduled to begin? 

  • The project is scheduled to begin in june 2016 and end in december 2019. The start date of the project was delayed by one year (from june 2015) to allow for more community engagement after concerns were voiced about the project. A more detailed timeline can be found at http:// www.ousd.k12.ca.us/Page/11252 

Where will Glenview students attend school during the renovation?

A final decision on where Glenview students might attend school during the reconstruction has not been made.

What is the staff recommendation for the Glenview Reconstruction project?

Replacement of the current Glenview building is recommended as an alternative to renovation because of guidance from the state. Structural analysis and cost estimates have determined that, although a renovation of Glenview would cost two-thirds the amount of replacement with a new building, renovation would take longer than constructing a new building and would not address undersized class- rooms and other deficiencies in the existing structure. State guidelines call for replacement under these circumstances.

Did OUSD perform a detailed seismic evaluation of the school, as discussed in AB 300?

The Glenview seismic assessment was performed in accordance with the national standard for seismic assessment, ASCE/SEi 31-03, which supersedes FEMA 310.

Where can I view the reports and analysis that informed staff’s recommendation for replacement?

Please visit www.ousd.k12.ca.us/ glenviewconstruction for updates on the Glenview reconstruction and to download documents such as the master plan summary for Glenview, renovation vs. restructuring comparisons, seismic reports, cost-benefit analyses and more.

Exhibit A: In the image below, the red dotted line indicates the portion of the school which will remain. 

3/7/2014: Newsletter & Master Facilities Plan:
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Upcoming Meetings

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Project Fact Sheet

Project Timeline
Move out: June 2016
Move in: December 2019

Interim School Facility
Santa Fe Elementary School
Oakland, CA

Current Status

Department of the State Architect Approvals 

Construction Schedule
Design Budget Only (Pending availability of Bond Measure J funds)

2014 - 2015 Design Approval Phase – Contractor Bidding Phase (1 ½ years)

2016 - 2018 Construction (3.5 years, Summer 2016 – December 2019)

HKIT Architects



Measure J - $6M (Design Phase only)

William Newby, Construction Manager, OUSD, Glenview.project@ousd.k12.ca.us

Heather Imboden, Communication Facilitator, glenviewproject@gmail.com

Glenview Construction Facebook 

Project Scope

Construction on existing school site, two story 53,700 sf +/- building. Scope includes classrooms for K-5 and preK-5 special needs, multi-purpose/cafeteria room, library and support spaces (bathrooms, admin, office). Funding the balance of the project, including construction costs pending Measure J, 2nd Draw. Full Program Budget: $40M. Construction Budget: $28M.