Movie Nights at Glenview Auditorium!

Three hours of cartoons and kid-friendly movies will give any work-weary parent a little boost for their weekend. Kids: bring a pillow and a blanket, stake out your spot on the floor and munch away on hot dogs and popcorn. Yes, we do have some fruit and veggies too. Parents: make your dinner reservations, drop off the youngsters, leave a little donation and enjoy your evening out. The Dads will take care of things for a few hours . . .

CONTACT: Brian Letson,


Friday, February 23 - Moana
5:30 Drop Off and Pizza
6:00 Movie 
8:15 Pick Up
$5/kid gets you in to see the movie and food. Kids bring their own water bottle, pillow and blanket. Parents can drop off their kids or sign out in advance from Learning Spot or Adventure Time.