Kid Fun
- Root-beer float, ice cream, or popsicle party
- Magic potions and wands party
- Build fairy castles
- Tie-dye party
- Rope tying
Adult-Only Fun
- Beer-pong party
- Mommy's night out
- Dad's night out
- Murder Mystery Party
- Paintball Party
Family Events
- Tailgate party or party in a park
- Championship/sports party
- Outdoor movie
- Tours at places you work or are a member to
- Capture the flag
- Summertime Pool party
- Progressive Dinner party

Local Events
- Book read in with a small local bookstore
- Flip Flops Lemon Drops
- Poker Party
Seasonal Event
- May Day, Cinco de Mayo, or Fourth of July party
- A nature hike of the area
- Summertime pool party
- Holiday ugly sweater party
- Holiday cookie baking party
 - offer to decorate someone's front yard for Halloween
- Wreath decorating

- Traditional dinner celebrating your culture
- Teach families how to do something from your culture (dancing, cooking, craft, etc.)
Hidden Talents
- Draw/paint/play music together as group
- Teach a yoga, dance, or karate class
- Give a lesson in coding for kids or rope tying
- Offer a service for free, like landscape architect consultation
Looking for families to share hosting:

Option A:  Sign up to be one of 12 host families who will cook and deliver a delicious dinner to the winning bidder. As a host you will provide ONE dinner and a bottle of wine. Each host chooses one month in the calendar year.

Option B: Same idea as the dinners - each host will babysit for the winning bidder. Sitters will go to the bidders' home to babysit for one evening. Each sitter signs up for one night.