Glenview Elementary School Family Guide

General School Info
Contained within this guide are the procedures and policies at Glenview Elementary School. These are in place to assist in accomplishing our ultimate goal of providing a warm, positive, safe, and inviting learning
environment. The items contained within were born out of a joint effort of the school faculty and staff, PTA and School Site Council Board Members and the principal. Thank you for your cooperation in making Glenview a wonderful environment for all our children.

Office Staff
Mrs. Chelsea Toller, Principal,
Ms. Yolanda Brown, Assistant Attendance Clerk,

School Telephone Number: (510) 531-6677
School Fax Number: (510) 531-6668

* Please email or complete a principal communication form to schedule a conference with the principal.

Phone & Electronics

Phone & Electronics

School Phone Usage
Students may use the office telephone ten minutes after school for local calls when necessary. During the schoolday, students are allowed to use the school phones as appropriate by permission of the teacher or office staff.The office phone is available between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm.

Personal Cell Phone Usage
Parents that feel the need to supply their child(ren) with a personal cell phone are asked to fill out a form in theoffice so that it is on record that the phone is at school with the parent’s permission and school personnel’sknowledge. Students must have their phone turned off and kept in a backpack. It is not to be out or used before, during, or after school as school phones are available in case of emergency. The school is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen phones. Parents of students that are unable to abide by this rule will beasked not to send the phone to school. If a cell phone is confiscated at school it will be returned to the parent or guardian, not the child. If it is confiscated a 2nd time, the phone must be turned in and checked out in the office on a daily basis, if there are still problems with having the cell phone at school, the phone will be taken to thedistrict office for the parent to pick up from Glenview’s Regional Executive Officer.

iPods, MP3 Players, Video Game Systems, or other electronic devices are not to be brought to school as theyinterfere with the instructional program. These items will be confiscated if at school. The school cannot beresponsible for loss or damage.

Emergency preparedness
The Emergency Contact Form and Earthquake/Disaster Form are to be completed for each student by a parentor guardian. Each student’s Emergency Contact Form and Earthquake/Disaster Form is kept in the school officeand Emergency Preparedness Binders and contains the most recent telephone numbers and addresses for theadults responsible for picking up your child in the event of an emergency.

It is essential that this contactinformation be complete and accurate. Please notify Glenview’s office secretary in writing if any of theinformation reflected on these forms needs to be updated.

Students will not be released to individuals thatare not listed on the Emergency Contact Form unless authorized to do so in writing by the individual thatregistered the student. Individuals may be asked to show ID. Information on the Emergency Contact Form andEarthquake/Disaster Form can only be changed by the parent/guardian that registered the child.

classroom assignments
Many variables are taken into consideration when making class assignments. Although your child has beenassigned to a specific teacher at this time, parents are to consider all assignments as tentative. Adjustments mayneed to be made due to contractual and/or compliance mandates. Classes will be finalized by the second week in October. Every effort is made to minimize changes.

• Please do not make requests for class changes.
first day of school
Monday, August 22, 2016

Classroom assignments are given during pre-registration when school lunch forms are submitted. Students willnot receive their 2013-14 classroom assignments until parents complete the pre-registration process. All familiesmust complete the lunch form regardless of whether or not they intend to participate in the school lunch program.Students that have classroom assignments: Students and parents are to wait on the play yard until the bell ringsand then proceed to the designated area to get in line. All teachers will carry signs with their name and roomnumber written on them.

Designated line-up locations
8:20am – Kindergarten students meet their teacher in the front yard of the school.
8:27am – 1st and 2nd grade students will meet their teacher on the upper back play yard on the designatedsymbol for that teacher.
8:27am – 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will meet their teacher on the back lower play yard on thedesignated symbol for that teacher.
getting to/from school
Almost 500 students are expected to get to and from Glenview Elementary School on time each and every 
day.There is limited parking in the immediate vicinity of the school, which is set in the middle of a quiet residentialcommunityThe development of the following procedures has been a joint effort between site administration,staff, PTA, city officials, and the surrounding neighbors. Your adherence to these procedures will ensure thesafety of our children and minimize delays and/or inconvenience to you and others.
  • There are four parking spaces on Hampel Street that border the school. These spaces are used for activeloading or unloading ONLY! Parents may pull in and drop off or pick up a waiting student. If your child isnot waiting on the sidewalk you will need to drive around the block and try again.
  • Cars must enter at the rear of the cone area and cannot cut in front of another car, even if a spot opens up.
  • If someone other than yourself will be picking up your child(ren), please inform them of the procedures. (Note: There are signs stating No Parking on School Days between 8:00am and 4:00pm. Drivers can be ticketed for not adhering to this law.)
  • As the car in front of you leaves, drive forward so that waiting cars can pull in at the rear of the car line.
  • Double Parking is not allowed. Pick-up/drop-off/waiting is to be done in a legal safe location.
  • La Cresta Street/School Driveway:
  1. Please keep the driveway entrance clear.
  2. Parents and guardians are not allowed to drive cars up the driveway before, during, or afterschool as this poses a safety threat for students on the yard.
  3. 8:15-9:15am and 2:30-3:15pm
  • The blue handicap parking zone is for the buses carrying our visually impaired students during the listed times.
  • The curb between the driveway and the corner is reserved for school buses during the listed times.
  • Parents of Kindergarten students are asked to arrive early enough for drop-off and pick-up so that they can walk their child to and from class.
  • Drivers are asked:1.Not to make U-turns in the middle of the street or at the two Hampel intersections nearest the school during drop-off and pick-up times.2.Not to park in the school driveway, handicap parking space or yellow bus area on La Cresta Avenue near the school driveway.
  • To ensure a smooth flow/continued movement of pick-up/drop-off of students on Hampel:
  1. Arrive 5-10 minutes early – park on a side street or over the hill, and walk to the school to take/ pick-up your child.
  2. Arrive 5-10 minutes early and park on a side street or over the hill if your child usually takes more than 5 minutes to meet you after school.
  • Consider arriving 5 minutes later to avoid the rush of cars at dismissal time.
  • Make sure your child knows where to wait to be picked up. Inform your child of a designated location to stand/wait to be picked up after school. Students are to avoid waiting in the yards of surrounding homes.
  • Please do not allow your child to jaywalk. It is dangerous and illegal. If you are parked across the street from the school on Hampel, your child must cross at Linwood or Hampel stop signs to reach your car.
  • Be considerate of our neighbors by not blocking their driveways or having disrespectful confrontations.
  • Please refrain from honking your horn to get the attention of another driver or your child. It isdisruptive to the neighbors and may awaken neighbors’ young children that are napping.
  • Please inform individuals that periodically assist you in the drop-off/pick-up of your child(ren) of Glenview’s “Getting To and From School” procedures.
  • Please treat our neighbors as you would want to be treated if you lived in close proximity to a school.
Finally, keep in mind that your child is watching your example closely and will be learning todrive in the not-too-distant future. Using your seatbelt, respecting the right-of-way, and observing theposted speed limit and traffic signs will ensure that your child will become a responsible driver.
attendance policy
Students are expected to be at school each school day unless ill or some unforeseen family emergency occurs.

  • Good daily attendance is necessary in order for your child to maximize opportunities for academic,social, and emotional growth.

  • Please be aware that the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) relies on the funding it receives for students’ Average Daily Attendance (ADA). Glenview’s General Purpose (GP) funding is based solely on the actual attendance of its students. The school loses $35 per day for every student absence. No absences are excused in regards to state ADA funds. Attendance does have to be documented as excused or unexcused for grading and statistical purposes. For this documentation, please send a note stating the reason for the absence and signed by the student's parent or guardian.

 Missing 5 Days of School or More
If your child is going to miss five or more school days, notify your child’s teacher at least a week in advanceabout an Independent Study Contract. Students who complete these contracts are marked as present andtherefore the school receives funding. Independent Study Contract paperwork must be completed by the teacher and signed by the parent and all assigned work submitted.
Students are expected to be at school on time each school day.  Habitual tardies result in significant loss of instructional time that can never be recovered by a student. Being as little as 10 minutes tardy per day for 20days equals 200 minutes of missed instruction. Please allow additional time for traffic and other unforeseendelays to ensure a timely arrival to school. Students with habitual tardies and/or absences will be referred toSART (School Attendance Review Team).
Lost & found
Each year, many articles of clothing are left on the playground or other locations on site. These clothes are placed in the Lost and Found located on a coat rack in the main hallway between rooms 6 and 7 and in the auditorium. Please be sure to clearly write your child's full name on anything you'd like to see return home with your child. Please check the Lost and Found first for missing articles before inquiring in the schooloffice. Periodically throughout the school year unclaimed clothing items will be donated as the amount of itemsis overwhelming.
School Meal Program
School Yard Supervision
report cards
visual & Performing arts
lost & found
School Meal program

School Meal Program

Lunch cost is determined by lunch eligibility status. Please check with office for cost if you are reduced or full price lunch.

School Yard Supervision

Teachers are assigned to yard supervision during each recess period, as well as before and after school on arotating basis. Hired noon supervisors supervise students during the teachers’ contracted 30-minute duty-freelunch period. There is no supervision on the yard before 8:17 am. Students dropped off before this time should be supervised by a parent on campus. 

Before and after school supervision:
Regular School Day: 8:17 – 8:27am and 2:45 – 2:55pm
Wednesday Minimum Days: 8:17 – 8:27am and 1:15 – 1:25pm

After school pick up:
Please pick up your children promptly and do not leave them unattended on the playground. There is no supervision outside the times listed above unless your child is participating in an after-school program.If you are unable to pick up your child due to unforeseen circumstances, call our office secretary so that your child can wait for you or another responsible adult in the safety of the school office.


Expect homework Monday through Thursday, and occasionally over the weekend. The amount will vary bygrade level. Information will be sent home by individual teachers. Assignments are usually a review of what has been studied in class. A description of what is expected will be sent home by your child’s teacher.

Report Cards

Report cards provide parents with a periodic assessment of how students are doing in school. Information about intervention strategies and possible retention is also recorded. Elementary school students receive three report cards a year. Parents are to sign and return the report card envelope to the classroom teacher to document that they have seen the information. Unless received at a parent/teacher conference that takes place within a two- week window of the report card distribution day, report cards are sent to parents the next Friday after the report card period ends. Teachers make every effort to schedule a parent conference and meet with each parent by the end of the first report card period. Parents are encouraged to talk to their child’s teacher about any questions or concerns they may have about their child’s report card. Parents can also request a parent/teacher conference at other times during the year.

If a student is identified as not meeting adequate grade level content standards, a parent/teacher conference is called to develop an educational plan which would be closely monitored by the parent and teacher during the school year to avoid retention. Since a student’s grade level abilities can be detected early on in the school year, a conference may be scheduled to take place as early as the end of September or early October so that the teacher and parent can work closely to assist the student in meeting California grade level content standard requirements.

Visual & Performing Arts

Each week, all Glenview students will receive instruction in at least one area of the visual and performing artsduring the regular school day at no cost to parents. It is our belief that the participation in the arts is an integral part of a child’s education. School program opportunities include music, dance, choir, orchestra, and visual arts.

School Communication

Families receive communication from the principal through a newsletter. The Glenview Griffin Newsletter is produced quarterly to capture larger school programs and events. Also, look for important updates and information on both the school web site, BigTent (the Glenview online community) and outside the office on the Office and PTA Bulletin Boards. 

We encourage you to join the PTA email list on Big Tent. The Big Tent group is open to any parent, teacher, staff member and community individual. To join Big Tent please visit the school website,, for more information.

Medications at School

Specific guidelines have been distributed concerning medications that students need to have at school. A form that has been completed by your physician must be completed and on file in order for medication to be on site. Additional information will be sent home, by request. If your child needs medications throughout the year a signed form must be submitted, even for Tylenol or cold medicine.

Resource Specialist Program

This program is designed to identify and serve students with average and above average potential but who have a learning disability. The Resource Specialist and/or Instructional Aide provide support and appropriate academic interventions so that these students may find academic success in the regular education program.

Exceptional Children's Programs

Visually Impaired Program (VIP) – The Visually Impaired Program provides services for children who are visually impaired or blind. These students are integrated into mainstream classes as often as possible with appropriate adaptations of curriculum and materials. Glenview School has a continuum of services for children Infant/Preschool through fifth grade. There are 3 VIP classrooms and various support staff.

Speech Services – A speech-language therapist is available on site twice per week. Students are referred for services. Qualifying students receive therapy to address speech-language disorders.

Services For Students with Multiple Disabilities – The program for students with Visual Impairments includes a K-5 class for students with severe Mental and Visual disabilities. This classroom helps to address issues that arise from the combination of these two obstacles, providing a safe and familiar environment for students to grow. The classroom is focused on independence, high expectations, and integration whenever possible.

Councils and Committees

School Site Council (SSC) – meets monthly and is comprised of teachers, other school personnel, the principal and parents/guardians, whose major function is the development, implementation, and evaluation of the school site plan for categorical programs.

English Learners Advisory Council (ELAC) – advises the principal and SSC regarding the school’s program and services for identified English Language Learner students. ELAC responsibilities can be voted over for SSC to assume its responsibilities.

Glenview Parent Teacher Association (PTA) – The PTA plays key fundraising role for the school. The organization sponsors many important parts of your child's education and enrichment at school, including classroom supplies, assemblies, sports equipment, art programs, Halloween carnival and much more. The Glenview PTA also serves as an advocate for Glenview parents and students at the school district and state level. Parents, grandparents, guardians, friends, neighbors, and anyone interested in working on behalf of Glenview students are invited to join. Annual membership is $6. We are aiming for 100% of families becoming PTA members. The membership form is available in the front office and will be sent home via the homework folder. Current Glenview PTA Board Members are listed here.

Accidents, Injuries, Medical & Hospital Services, Insurance

If an accident occurs at school, first aid for minor injuries will be provided and parents/guardians notified. In cases requiring an ambulance, effort will be made to first contact the parent/guardian named on your child’s emergency card. The district does not typically provide medical or hospital services or insurance for accidents or injuries to students injured at school during school-sponsored trips or activities. However, we encourage parents/guardians to purchase optional student accident insurance. Your school site principal has information on this insurance.

 Education Code Section 49472

The Family-School Partnership Act

(Assembly Bill 2590)

This act allows employees to use: "vacation, personal leave, comp time or time without pay to participate in their children's school-related activities. The law covers employers with 25 or more workers at the same location, and it applies to parents, grandparents and guardians. These persons are allowed to use up to 40 hours a school year to conduct school-related business. However, employers may request verification of the nature of the school activity."