Yari Ojeda Sandel

Teacher Yari grew up in Austin, Texas, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Peace & Conflict Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. She has her teaching credential and is pursuing a Masters in Education at CSU East Bay. Since 2011, she has worked in Oakland schools as a Restorative Practices Facilitator and began teaching kindergarten at Glenview in 2017. Teacher Yari loves working with curious and eager young people who are learning to explore the world as a community. She adores the Kidskills Interpersonal Skill Series. In particular, she remembers reading Choices! Choices! Choices!: Responsibility: Making and Living with Choices. This book is no longer in print. If you see a copy, Teacher Yari would be thrilled!

Outside of work, Teacher Yari enjoys sketching and crafting with all sorts of materials. She greatly enjoys cuddling with her kitty friend, Meowzer, and resting in her porch garden. Reading, spending time with friends, playing board games, and eating yummy food are all wonderful activities that recharge her soul. When asked about a dream trip, Teacher Yari said, "There is so much to see and only one lifetime. I would like to visit ancient temples and landmarks around the world as well as natural wonders like the Amazon and glaciers."