Enrollment Information

Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) 2017-2018 Options Process
  •  The Oakland Unified School District has a process for school assignment called "Options," which allows parents to rank their preferences for their child's school assignment. The open enrollment period this year will be December 2015- January 2016.

  • According to the School Assignment Office, the priorities for the options assignment process has been:

1st priority — Siblings 

2nd priority — Neighborhood; Not sure if Glenview is your neighborhood school? Check OUSD's school finder here, by entering your address.

  • Enrollment applications will be available at Glenview Elementary in the Front Office or online on the OUSD website – www.ousd.k12.ca.us

The child must be five years of age on or before:
  • September 1 for the 2016-17 school year and each school year thereafter.

For additional information about enrollment, please visit:  http://www.ousd.org/domain/159

Class Assignments

Glenview provides class assignments the week prior to school starting in the Fall. Fill out the Free and Reduced Lunch Form either online or by visiting the Front Office. Once the required paperwork is completed, class assignments will be provided.

Many variables are taken into consideration when making class assignments. Although your child has been assigned to a specific teacher at this time, parents are to consider all assignments as tentative. Adjustments may need to be made due to contractual and/or compliance mandates. Classes will be finalized by the second week in October. Every effort is made to minimize changes.

Requests for class changes or preferences will not be accepted.