Community Support Services 

Fiddleheads: Growing Friends in Nature
​Our nature immersion after-school programs provide a nurturing and enlivening experience for your child.   With the care of our licensed therapists and interns, our small class of children within our social skills groups quickly form into strong packs of friends.

Fiddleheads creates a safe and stimulating environment for children and youth to experience and enhance their connections with their bodies, inner worlds, peers, and the natural environment.  Formed in 2010 to support quirky children and their families, Fiddleheads is a holistic, heart centered therapeutic approach to social and emotional learning.  Taking the stigma out of therapy, Fiddleheads brings joy, nature, and the real life experience of authentic relationships and presence into the healing process.

Inclusiveness and acceptance are foundational to Fiddleheads structure. Awareness and respect of neuro, cultural, racial and economic diversity, is at the essence of our approach.  

Communication Works:

Communication Works (CW) provides the highest level of speech, language, social and occupational therapy services to its clients in the San Francisco Bay Area communities.
CW provides services for:
  • School Districts
  • Private & Charter Schools
  • In Home (limited availability)
  • Consultations & Trainings

Girls Leadership Institute:
We equip girls with the skills to exercise the power of their voice. We structure our work around four central values: Authentic Communication, Courageous Growth, Equity, and Play.

1) Girls Leadership works not only with girls, but also with their primary influencers – parents, teachers, and caregivers – to create sustainable impact. Studies show parents and teachers to be the most powerful teachers for girls all the way through high school.
2) We put social and emotional learning (SEL) at the foundation of all our leadership development.
3) We see girls’ real-life, every-day relationships with friends and family as the primary opportunity we have to teach girls the leadership skills that will serve them over a life-time: self-advocacy, negotiation, compromise, personal responsibility and conflict as an opportunity for change.

​Go Girls:

Go Girls! is not just a summer camp.  It’s a movement.  We are igniting a Compassion Revolution by putting girls center stage.  Summer at Go Girls! consists of 2 different camps - Go Girls! Camp (for 1st-4th grade girls) and Go Girls! Productions (for 5th & 6th grade girls).