What is Big Tent?

Big Tent is Glenview’s private online community run by the PTA – a place where Glenview parents, caregivers and teachers can share information, plan events, collect feedback through forums and keep track of the school’s activities with an interactive calendar.  It holds all of the Glenview groups in one place, so that people who have a particular interest can easily find others. Respectful discussion about school issues on the forums is welcome, but you should not post anything that you would not say in person to a group or individual. It is a safe, secure online community, where members must be approved to become part of the group, and to see the information on the site. 

Big Tent Guidelines

  1. BT is for school-related postings only.
  2. Model Positive Behavoir Intervention Support (PBIS) principles:  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe
  3. BT is not the forum to lodge or discuss specific complaints related to teachers, school staff or other members of the Glenview community. In the spirit of modeling positive communication, this BT community asks that all members to approach individuals directly when concerns arise and not to post to the entire group. Remember, teachers and staff read these posts too. Contact Principal Toller at chelsea.toller@ousd.k12.ca.us
  4. Examples of Encouraged Postings: School events, updates, Committee events, updates, thank you’s, etc., Other schools' events (i.e. middle school tours, open houses, etc.), Enrichment class related information, After-school program related information, Child related information including - lost items, giving away items, found items, etc., Questions about the school, Teachers needing items for the classroom or activities
  5. Examples of NOT OK Postings: Ranting or Personal venting, Specific comments about any teacher’s or staff’s qualities or comparisons between teachers or staff, Bullying, Threatening, Profanity
  6. Not sure whether to post? Contact Admin for Approval (glenview.parents.2011@gmail.com)

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