About Glenview Griffins

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide children with educational opportunities that meet them at their point of need, enable them to make academic gains at or above their grade level, and to develop into healthy adolescents. Students will become creative, critical thinkers who are caring participants in their local community and compassionate global citizens. 

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe

Morning Chant

I believe I can learn.
I must learn.
My mind is a pearl.
I can do anything.

I’m in this world because
I am somebody.
I will always be somebody.
I will succeed.

Because I - Am - Somebody!

Glenview at a Glance

Glenview Elementary School nestles against the east bay foothills in the Glenview district of Oakland, California.  We have a diverse student population, high level of parent involvement, strong administrative leadership, outstanding teachers and support staff, which make Glenview a very special school and community.

 The Glenview community is committed to science, healthy eating, and sustainability.  We have a fantastic edibles and natives teaching garden where students can taste new foods.  There is a traditional science fair along with a family science day, where students can use clues (and science!) to solve mysteries.  

We also have strong commitment to the arts by integrating dance, drama, theater, music and visual arts programs into the regular curriculum. We hope to inspire students with a broad range of opportunities for a well-rounded educational experience.

In addition to the whole-learning focus at Glenview, we have a robust event calendar filled with community building opportunities for the whole family.  With everything from a Halloween Carnival to a Spaghetti Dinner to Movie Nights, there is something for everyone, and a lot of fun to be had!  Volunteer opportunites abound - for instance, parents organize and run the Readathon, help in classes, and work at the Book Fair.
With so much to be proud of, there is good reason that Glenview Griffins "just can't hide that Glenview pride!"

Where We Are (Interim Site Fall 2016 thru Summer 2019)

915 54th Street
Oakland, CA 94608