Class of 2017 - 5th Grade Events and Info 

Hard to believe that our kids are entering into their final year of elementary school. In an effort to help make our kids last year at Glenview memorable, special, and educational, Principal Toller, in partnership with the 5th grade teachers, have come up with three fantastic experiential learning programs this upcoming school year, just for our class! 

it is up to the parents of the incoming 5th grade class to fund these learning programs, as well as, pay for any other special activities for our 5th graders, such as a year books and/or a graduation celebration.

Fundraising Effort for our Trips

Field Fundraising Goals:
Sailing Field Trip $6000
Japanese Internment Camp $3000
Tilden Life Science Hiking and Camping $500
5th Grade party & Yearbook $500

Total Goal: $10,000

We are going to tackle this fundraising effort through the following:

1. General ask for donations - coming soon! Jodi Baker is leading this effort so get your cash/checks/credit cards ready!
2. Bake Sales at Kelly's Corner in the Laurel - Jackie Hunter, owner of Kelly's Corner will be soliciting baked goods on a regular basis this summer and into the school year.
3. Bake Sales/Raffle at Octoberfest - Maggie and Ben Hopkins are leading this effort.
Car wash on Saturday August 27th in Glenview neighborhood - Carrie Kessler to coordinate and see if feasible, include kids.
4. Bake Sales/Raffle at the Laurel Street Faire - Ruth Labrie and Jackie Hunter are coordinating. 
5. Noodle or Chilli Dinner at First PTA meeting.

Sailing Field Trip

Sailing into science! Each 5th grade class will sail for 4 days, and participate hands-on science program. It is designed for fifth graders and utilizes Lake Merritt's unique environment as a setting for education and recreation. Sailing Into Science provides youth with a chance to learn sailing and science hands on while building team skills that will last throughout the fifth grade year. Students also study physics and ecosystems which will connect back to science units during the school year. Students and teachers experience rich entry points into the worlds of Life Science, Physics, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Nautical Science. This program immerses youth in a rigorous science curriculum coupled with activities proven to build confidence, self-esteem, foster creative problem solving, and team building.

Japanese Internment Camp

"Uprooted!" The California Museum's Exhibit on Japanese internment during WWII here in CaliforniaThe exhibit surveys a century of Japanese American history in California through the personal stories of formerly interned Californians. Following the history of the Japanese Americans in California, visitors experience life behind barbed wire in recreated barracks, which displays photographs and artifacts. Students then get to meet and hear from a survivor of an internment camp, who volunteer to be living docents of the museum. Students will travel on Amtrak to the Museum. This is the culmination of a several week unit in Social Studies which explores questions around citizenship.

Tilden Life Science Hiking

A day of Tilden studying life science and hiking in the wilderness preserve. Students will work with a East Bay Regional Park Naturalist to learn about plant life, local wildlife and ecosystems. The Tilden Group camping ground can be reserved so that an optional overnight camp out can be organized by the class parents to extend the experience for those who choose. A bus will need to be rented for this field trip.

Yearbook/Memory Book

Lead: Brian Labrie